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Shorty Bull Breeding

                                 Upcoming Breedings 


       HKB's Ratchet  x  GR CH Thompson's Annie Oakley   

The culmination of HKB's Ratchet with Thompson's Annie Oakley is anxiously awaited by many breeders in the Shortybull industry. Annie Oakley quickly gained notoriety as she won Best in Show at her 1st ABKC show at the age of 9 months and has gone on to become an ABKC Champion! Futhermore, this breeding to Ratchet brings together one of the few sons of Blue River Heff to a daughter of NSB Maverick. Blue River Heff, produced by Jamie Sweet, has attracted more people to the Shorty breed than any other Shortybull to date.  Annie Oakley's sire, CH NSB Maverick, produced by Cary Romsdahl of North Star Bullies, earned the top Shorty title of Best of Breed at the 2011 ABKC Nationals in Las Vegas. Maverick is now a dual champion in ABKC and BBC Registries. Expect pups out of this breeding that will make onlookers stop to admire! 


             HKB's Ratchet x Thompson's Belle Star  
                                       Litter arrived October 19, 2013!!!
HKB's Ratchet was bred to Thompson's Belle Star! AKA "Bella" is super clean, straight, and typey....just the female to accentuate Ratchet's muscle-builder physique! Bella is a bellymate sister to GR CH Thompson's Annie Oakley, daughter of Dual CH NSB Maverick. Titled Shortybulls are common in the Maverick family. Maverick, produced by Cary Romsdahl of North Star Bullies, earned the top Shorty title of Best of Breed at the 2011 ABKC Nationals in Las Vegas. If you are interested in showing Shortybulls, Thompson's kennel will breed Ratchet & Belle Star to produce a litter destined to show...Combining Ratchet's Heff lines to Maverick's blood will make judges take notice the moment their classy progeny strutt into the ring.

Blue River's Situation x Thompson's Black Pepper
                         ***Pepper welped on March 31, 2013...

Thompson's Shorty Bull kennel tirelessly strives to build their Shortybull genetic pool....With this in mind, the breeding of Blue River's Situation to Black Pepper is scheduled to take place.  Expect hard-muscled, thick-boned Shorties with drive and athleticism matched by few! Blue River's Sitty is owned & produced by Jaime Sweet.  Huge gratitude goes to Jamie Sweet of Blue River Bullies for granting this opportunity!  Black Pepper has proven herself with her two previous litters with HKB Ratchet and then with Dual CH NSB Maverick.  Ratchet's 1st pick, Thompson's Garibaldi of Balesbullies, is setting to make his own history in Italy.  In Black Pepper's litter with Maverick,  at 5.5 months, Thompson's Marshall Dillion won the top 2012 BBC KRD Shortybull Puppy award over nearly 20 puppies. He also won Best Shortybull Male at the ABKC LA Team Bully Bash at only 11 months. This upcoming match with Blue River Sitty and Pepper is such a perfect compliment that it could even top our expectations to date!!!

      Blue River's Goldberg  x Thompson's Calamity Jane
                               *** Welped June 4, 2013...

This coming litter will make show-stopping prospects!  Goldberg is an absolutely incredible son of Blue River Rampage and Blue River Voodoo.  Jamie Sweet outdid herself when she produced this phenomenal Shortybull.  "G", as Jaime refers to him, is the heartthrob of Shorty females around the world.  It won't be a long wait now and we'll see just what Calamity Jane can do with this hunk of a male!!!  Calamity, even though she is now just a year old, has set her mark in the show arena as high as it goes....This little red-cream female won a Best of Show at the ABKC 2013 Team Bully Bash in Louisiana!  We are certainly pleased with our daughter of CH NSB Maverick and Thompson's Black Pepper.  "Spell-bound" is how we feel at Thompson's Shorty Bulls kennels as we wait for this Shortybull litter to be born...




Thompson's Marshall Dillon  x Thompson's Dolly Parton
Litter welped October 3, 2013!

The time has finally arrived....The match-up of Thompson's Marshall Dillon to Thompson's Dolly Parton! Thompson's Shorty kennels has been long awaiting Marshall Dillon, our son of Dual CH NSB Maverick, to come of age to be mated with little Dolly Parton. At the very young age of 5.5 months, Thompson's Marshall Dillion won the top 2012 BBC KRD Shortybull Puppy award over nearly 20 puppies, 2x Best Shortybull Male at the ABKC LA Team Bully Bash at only 11 months, and Best of Show at the ABKC Shawnee, OK show at 1 year of age.  Dolly Parton is an own daughter of Blue River Suge. Owner and producer of Suge, Jaime Sweet, says that Suge has nerves of steel...which we have found to be evident in this courageous yet loveable female.  Marshall Dillon will bring additional width and muscular tone to Dolly's super short-backed, compact build.  Adrinaline is certainly building at Thompson's Shorty Bulls kennel with the mating of Dolly and Marshall Dillon due for pups in the early fall of 2013.     


                         A deposit will hold a pup in your favorite litter...
             Those interested in these upcoming litters are urged to contact:

Connie Thompson 

                                               580-657-3600 (Home) 
                                 580-657-0789 (Cell M-F after 3:00) 






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